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Affordable Whole House Water Filter

"A Breakthrough That Could Change How You Protect Yourself
From Toxic Tap Water Forever."

Don't think you have a water problem? If you have the pesticide chlorine in your water, I'm here to tell you that you do.  At GNI Installations  we are committed to proving you with the water system to supply you with good, clean. healthy and safe water for your household.


Affordable Whole House Water Filter

We Keep Your Water Clean And Safe For Drinking And Your Personal Use. We Also Provide And Install An Affordable Whole House Water Purification and Softening System, All-In-One, At An Affordable Price. No Filter To Change! No Added Fluff! We Will Also Service and Relocate Your Existing System

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  • Want To Have Clean, Healthy, Purified and Softened Water For Your Home?
  • Want To Have The Water Purification and The Water Softening System All-In-One Unit?
  • Want No filters to change, ever!
  • Want To Save Money? 
  • Want To Decrease Your Chances Of Getting Cancer and Other Autoimmune Diseases?
  • Would You Like To Extend The Life Of Your Appliances?
  • If Your Answers To The Above Questions Is Yes, Then Contact Us For A Free Tap Water Test.

Our All-In-One whole house water purification and water softener systems are designed to fit your household  needs. Outstanding prices. You have a staff of seasoned professionals at your service. No-hassle financing available. We have the loan process that is quick and efficient.


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Don't forget To Call Us @ 205-264-1008

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GNI Installations affordable whole house water filter helped me get clean healthy water in my home at a price I could afford.

F. Taylor
Alabaster, Al


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